5 Advantages Of Living In A Condominium


June 26, 2020


Condominium living has benefits everyone can enjoy, at every age and stage of life. It’s a lifestyle that offers a long list of conveniences, makes daily living a little easier, and gives you more free time. If you’re looking for a home with many of the same perks as staying in a fine hotel, read on to learn more about some of the advantages of living in a condominium.

1. Urban Location

One of the greatest advantages of living in a condo, by far, is the location. If you choose a development in a neighbourhood you love, you’ll be thankful every time you step outside your door. Living in a downtown condo means upscale shops, restaurants, and markets are all just steps away, as well as many of the city’s biggest attractions. An urban location offers a regular slate of ongoing events to help you make the most of your downtime. City living also means great access to transit, so you can be anywhere within minutes. Another advantage of living in a desirable location is that it will always be in demand if you ever need to sell; historically, properties have appreciated year over year in Toronto.

2. Full Access To Top-Tier Amenities

That feeling of luxury when staying in a first-class hotel can be yours every day if you choose the right condo. The best ones offer full access to top-tier amenities—thoughtfully designed spaces with high-end features that you can enjoy on a daily basis. At 55C Bloor Yorkville Residences that list includes a chic lobby and fireplace, a state-of-the-art gym and wellness centre, a movement and yoga studio, a stunning rooftop lounge and terrace, as well as multiple stylish spaces perfect for working, lounging, and dining.

3. A Turn-Key Residence And Freedom From Outdoor Maintenance

One of the biggest perks of living in a condo is the free time you gain. All of the outdoor maintenance is taken care of for you, and you’re left to enjoy turn-key living. This is great for those who travel a lot, whether for work or pleasure, but also for those who live busy lives. Many find that because maintenance is covered, their housing budget is much more predictable and they end up saving money and time. The low-maintenance lifestyle yields maximum enjoyment.

4. A Built-In Community

Another positive aspect of condo living is that you have a built-in community of fellow residents. You can be as active and involved as you want, attending board meetings and volunteering to serve, or simply reaching out and meeting as many of your neighbours as you can. Residents often trade tips on the best places to eat and shop, and can provide a sense of support and companionship to those who live on their own. Regular social interaction helps everyone feel connected and the best developments foster a strong sense of community.

5. Security & Concierge Services

A condo building that has a front desk and security gives peace of mind 24/7. A friendly face is always around, whether you need assistance or are just looking forward to a warm welcome home at the end of the day. It’s a real resource; you have an expert at your fingertips, someone who can answer questions or share suggestions and advice. On-site security helps residents feel safe, especially if they are living on their own. 

As you can see, there are many advantages of living in a condo and we’ve covered just a few. Many fall in love with the lifestyle and wish they’d made the move long ago. Thanks for reading and don’t forget to follow the MOD Developments blog for more great house-hunting tips.