Q3 Construction Update: 55C Bloor Yorkville Residences


July – September 2021

July through September were very active months below-grade at our Bloor-Yorkville construction site. By the end of July, parking level two was half complete, and in early September, the first portion of the ground level had started to take shape. 55C is now almost entirely at grade, meaning we will soon begin to see the structure rise above the ground! The progress made at 55C throughout the summer months has (quite literally) laid a foundation for an exciting end to the 2021 calendar year.


A close look reveals two men on the construction team beginning to pour concrete from the crane-suspended bucket.

The northeastern view at 55C exposes the southwest portion of the ground floor rebar. The pictured area is the first section of the ground floor to commence and makes up over 4,000 square feet of floor space.

This section of the ground floor will make up part of the transfer slab — a concrete slab that is used specifically to transfer large loads within the structure to both the columns and foundation. Certain areas of the above segment will have rebar and concrete deeper than one metre thick. In the months ahead, there will be four more pours made to officially complete the ground floor.


An overhead view of parking level two slab being poured and finished.


A single construction worker trowels parking level three slab to completion.


Looking south we can see the west section of footings. It has been poured in the bottom left, and the bottom right is undergoing excavation.


A southwestern view exposes the southwest footings and parking level four slab where form-workers are pouring the section with a concrete pump.