Q1 Construction Update: 55C Bloor Yorkville Residences


January – March 2021

A glance in any direction in Toronto will likely result in a crane or two within your frame of vision. With over 200 tower cranes currently operating in the city, there is no doubt that the Toronto housing and condominium market continues to boom in 2021.


Construction at 55C Bloor Yorkville Residences is moving along rigorously. During Q1, shoring and excavation were officially completed at the site, and the tower crane was erected — officially putting our progress on display for the Bloor-Yorkville community. Additionally, the basement raft slab and foundation work has commenced, putting us on track to complete the foundations and form the underground parking levels. Macy Dubois Laneway, which circles the perimeter of 55C, will soon house our site office and overhead protection facility.

Welded steel mesh is installed for enforcement and shotcrete is sprayed to create a smooth surface on the foundation, allowing us to apply the waterproofing system.

Tiebacks act as diagonal support to lock in shoring systems and facilitate deep excavation. Pictured here is our shoring contractor preparing to start the installation of the tiebacks.

On the east side of 55C, bulk excavation continues to prepare the site for the second row of tiebacks.

This photo showcases a near-complete excavation and the tower crane is beginning to go up. This will determine the placement of pre-assembled steel cages for the foundations.

Steelworkers are pictured installing the bottom row of steel for the building raft slab foundation. Once this steel is placed, pre-assembled steel beams will be put on top to complete the required reinforcement, allowing concrete to be pumped into the area for completion of the raft slab foundation.


55C will stand 48-storeys tall and will house 641 residential dwellings in the heart of Toronto’s Bloor-Yorkville neighbourhood. The project is slated for completion in 2023.