Stages of Construction: Demolition


November 27, 2020

MOD X Development Demolition

After years of planning, reaching the start of construction is an exciting and crucial moment for a project. We start here with an outline of the work required to ensure a safe and successful demolition. To learn more about how developments are built in the City of Toronto, please continue reading below.


MOD X Development Assessment
The first step involves a thorough assessment of the site. This includes a detailed survey of the existing structure, as well as the surrounding area. We need to know what materials were used in the building of the structure, as well as how it was built; both will have an impact on the demolition strategy. Also crucial is learning about any potentially hazardous materials that could be onsite, including anything flammable or explosive.


MOD X Development Planning
Next is creating a plan, which starts by obtaining all of the necessary permits. Both city ordinances and those pertaining to local areas must be adhered to. When the job receives approval, the demolition company will devise a plan for the demolition procedure itself, including which specific methods will be used. At that point, safety measures will be put in place at the site, such as nets, screens, and covered walkways. The company will also put together a plan to handle any debris that may be left behind.


MOD X Development Preparation
Once the official demolition plan is in place, it’s time to prepare the site. This starts by ensuring that the entire building has been completely cleaned out. If applicable, water, gas, and electricity must also be addressed.


MOD X Development Demolition
A thorough inspection of the site must be completed. Before demolition can get underway, any hazardous materials (anything flammable or explosive) must be discovered, along with other potentially dangerous elements such as lead paint or asbestos. Once work has begun, finding something potentially harmful would cause everything to immediately grind to a halt on site. This would result in wasted time and money, which everyone wants to avoid.


MOD X Development Demolition
A common misconception is that demolition involves coming in like a wrecking ball or pushing a building over. On the contrary, demolition is the process of dismantling a structure safely, with the intent to separate and re-use the building materials. The goal is minimal trash sent to landfills and more recycled materials made available for future use. There are many variables in the demolition process, including the weather, location, safety compliance, and schedule. Because of this, having reliable equipment and employees who are always prepared is essential.

Clean Up

MOD X Development Clean Up
The last step in the demolition process is the clean up. Even when a small building is torn down, it can create quite a mess—this is why debris removal should be part of the initial plan. Once everything has been hauled away, things like temporary fencing and signage also need to be removed.
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